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Foot Massage Hollywood

This foot massage chair is from the era of the vintage hollywood vita-rol electric rolling heated massager. It is an ancient tool that is patented by hollywood vita-rol in 1932. This foot massage chair has been praised for its expected painless sensation and easy-to-use area.

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Best Foot Massage Hollywood

The foot massage tremendol! This old-fashioned tool can quickly and easily get you feel the love just where your feet need it most. The vita-rol electric massager is the perfect tool for that special someone who loves no-nonsense, one-on-one attention with their foot. this foot massage lotion is perfect for visitors to hollywood who want to enjoy a relaxing foot massage without breaking the bank. The 150ml lotion is made up of natural and amneable ingredients that will leave your feet feel soothed and refreshed. the hollywood style foot massage lotion is a luxurious 5. 3 oz. Lotion that will give you and your feet all the attention you need to. It is designed to soothe and protect your feet for a relaxing and beneficial experience. This foot massage lotion is made with ingredients such as safta, chamomile, and lavender oil for a scented foot bath that will leave your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. this electric massager is known to be the most advanced andpatented jan.